Biltong Australia – where to buy biltong in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Queensland.

Biltong can certainly be bought all around Australia and of course most lovers of this dried meat snack will go to the extremes to get their watering mouths filled with that great biltong flavour. Many South Africans come over to Aus thinking they will be deprived of the food they were brought up on, believing that the only dry meat even slightly resembling biltong Australia would be an old “shrimp on a barby”.

However as we all know it’s actually easy to buy biltong Australia. In fact there are a few big names who have stores selling biltong in Perth, Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney to name a few. For one, it can be bought right here from us, online at Biltong Boys and be delivered in about 2 days.

Biltong Perth
Most of our customers know that us Biltong Boys sell our Biltong Perth based – we are of course based online because we have streamlined and optimized our Biltong Delivery procedures down to a 2 day delivery time. Besides this we also sell wholesale biltong to other stores around Perth. There are however South African Biltong shops in and around Perth who sell Biltong at a actual brick and mortar stores.

Biltong Sydney
To buy biltong in Sydney is also another simple task. It really isn’t a case of, “oh so your living in Australia now are you ?… well you know what – you’re never gonna find good Biltong Australia, unlucky!” It really isn’t… In fact there are a number of Biltong Sydney shops area who are dedicated to making the best biltong for all us cured meat and dried meat lovers. We at Biltong Boys of course help out – for simplicity and convenience if you live in Sydney and are looking to buy biltong without getting up off your couch, buy from us right here right now. Biltong delivery from us takes only about 2 days to reach a Sydney biltong buyers doorstep.

Biltong Melbourne
Melbourne is seriously one of the coolest and alternative cities in Australia (if you haven’t been there before I recommend you go there). So why wouldn’t there be stores selling Biltong Melbourne to all us hungry meat and protein addicts. Don’t for one second think that just because you have just moved over and are now living in Australia you can’t get your biltong hit. When I was over there I found some really good butchers who make some pretty good stuff, even if it’s not up to our standards – for Melbourne Biltong standards it was pretty dam good. Of course most lazy biltong buyers come straight to us (Biltong Boys) and buy online and have their batch delivered in a very timely manner.

Biltong Brisbane
The number of biltong eating folk in Brisbane is actually scary (in a good way of course). In some parts of Queensland you would actually think you were somewhere in Pretoria watching a Blue Bulls rugby game playing a darby in the Currie Cup. So many South Africans buy biltong online from us who live in Queensland it’s actually quite funny. They seem to love our stuff because, it is (excuse the French) “Poes lekker” – which in actual fact means it is the best traditional beef biltong they have ever tasted. We are pleased to help the biltong QLD market with our unbelievable skills in biltong delivery. So if you live in Queensland (and I assume – you’re most likely a South African Biltong lover) Don’t feel like you can’t get your fix of traditional SA style dried meat biltong. We sell the best biltong Brisbane has ever tasted

Biltong Adelaide
Last year I went over to Adelaide to watch the World Cup Rugby 7’s and boy what a place that is to be. The amount of Biltong I ate in Adelaide that week would have put a high protein diet to shame to say the very least. Adelaide is certainly one of the most underrated cities in Australia – the night life is pumping the people are cool and the city just feels good. Biltong Adelaide is also fairly easy to get your hands on, once again there were some good South African butchers around the city centre who knew a few things about traditional South African biltong. Biltong Boys biltong delivery is of course perfect for Adelaide Biltong eaters who don’t want to venture out and find these butcheries.

Biltong Darwin
Now this is the one place I have not been to in Australia, for no other reason than lack of time… Biltong Darwin I’m certain is just as easy to come by as any state. I mean there are South Africans everywhere who love biltong and who will no doubt be making biltong to sell. Recently we had a big inquiry from a fishing and camping lodge in Darwin who then went on to order a hefty batch of traditional beef biltong. The owner said that these South Africans love fishing and they always seem to bring along this tasty dried meat which is enjoyed by everyone on the trip… which is really spot on because South African biltong is perfect for any kind of camping and fishing trip. We are always available online for all you Biltong Darwin eaters if you are struggling – so buy your biltong from us and get it delivered in about 2 days.

For biltong delivery all over Australia with a product quality you can count on – buy online from Biltong Boys now.