Biltong has long been an important part of South African culture, first arriving by way of early Dutch settlers who created this cured meat product using salt, spices and vinegar. Preserved meat more...

The term Beef Jerky is believed to be derived from the Quechua word chargui, which translates to “to burn meat.” It is from this far off region of the Andes Mountains in South America that beef je more...
Droewors (aka dry wors) is a healthy, high-protein snack food that got its start in South Africa. This dry sausage is the perfect complement to beer and, while it might look a bit like salami, more...
This is our great Biltong Powder - it can be used as an ingredient to make great and delicious meals. It tastes so fantastic because its our dried beef meat that we grind up into a powder - easy as th more...



Biltong Boys was started because we love meat and we like it delivered, which is why we are based online! For years we wondered why we had to leave our homes to get our favourite dried meat supplies, why we had to get up off the TV couch, or even get out of bed to satisfy our biltong, beef jerky and dry wors cravings. We  aim to sell high quality Biltong and Beef Jerky online because thats the way we like it. We don't make anything but the best, and we wont settle for anything less - the best biltong in Australia is almost a sure thing for us. This is why we started Bitlong Boys - for quality and for convenience.  more...



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